Yesterday evening at church, my pastor preached a message in a continuing series about “The Journey to Greatness. Perhaps one of these days, he may grace our presence with this great insightful series. (Yes please!) He spoke about the power of vision as a necessary element for greatness. It was like I was hit by a restorative bolt of lightning, quick, powerful, invigorating and calming at the same time. I was surrounded by people, but it was like I was alone, and the message was only for me. So I decided to share a teeny bit with you today. Before all you smart people bat your lids and ‘roll ya eyes’ , at least hear me out and then decide if you have heard it before. Vision is a picture of the future you want to achieve. It is much stronger and more real than a dream, you see it […]

There are single people who are currently alone in life and they feel something is wrong with them. Once you’ve checked your breath, body odour, dress sense and courtesy/ politeness radar- and ensured that all is alright ‘spirit- wise’, I believe that there is little more that needs to be done, it is only a matter of time before the right person comes along. A friend of mine once said that the best apples are the last to be ‘eaten’ because they are at the top of tree. Some women are just like these apples, yet they are jealous of the women who seem to attract just anyone on the street. The fact that men aren’t tearing down your door for your hand in marriage doesn’t mean you are less desirable, it simply means that only those who truly deserve you will dare to approach you. It breaks my heart […]

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light…” There is a unique light- knowledge, insight, accelerated focus that cannot when we are ‘with’ people ( in the wrong company); and switching from the wrong company to the right one may sometimes require us to take the risk of standing alone for a while. Focusing on your goals and dreams may alienate you from people for a while, but it will attract the right people you need to get to where you desire. Eagles don’t fly in packs, they soar alone. They seek out lonely mountain tops to sharpen their vision and renew their strength. The lion, may lead a pack but he often steps aside to be alone and decide the direction of the pack. It is impossible to lead or standout whilst trying to blend in. It is impossible to be incredibly unique while […]

I find it odd that being alone has been deemed to be an unspoken ‘curse’; an undesired fate that some people will do almost anything to avoid. It is like some unspoken disease that everyone knows exists but believes everyonelse deserves it but them. Hermits are looked at like people in need of psychiatric attention, or people who life has dealt a terrible tragedy. The truth is every truly great man is a hermit at heart, or a hermit by habit. To achieve certain things in life one must learn to walk alone at certain times. It is true that no man is an island, and we must never alienate ourselves from people out of hate, hurt or spite. However, there is a time in every man’s life where his principles and beliefs will be tested by what I call the ‘lone path’. There is a cross road you get […]

I can never claim to know a fraction of the pain, agony, disappointment and frustration of waiting and trusting God for a child in marriage ; being questioned, mocked and sometimes blamed by your in-laws and sometimes your spouse, having to cope with the impolite and often indiscreet stares at your tummy every time you walk into a room full of familiar faces, the unspoken yet well understood comments from ‘concerned’ friends on how to ‘resolve’ the situation yet giving no hope to grasp, the subtle threats and warnings that are given every wedding anniversary that ‘time is running out’ and hope is fleeting… No, I will never understand the frustrations of a woman who cringes at the sight of a ‘tinge of blood’ every month, or has her hopes deflated by the doctor when she doesn’t. There a few things in life that don’t matter, things in life that […]

3. Open Your Soul: If you leave your door or window open in the afternoon, flies may enter, but so does fresh air. A house or a heart without ‘ventilation’ will have a foul stench and recycled air that will sooner or later kill those who breathe it in. Many people in the name of being guarded have closed themselves to positive love experiences that could have helped them heal and grow. It is time to open yourself up, dare to be vulnerable enough to love someone and accept the love that they will give you. I’m not asking you to jump in the deep end and pour your soul out to the next stranger that comes by, I’m saying cautiously, prayerfully allow yourself the possibility of having positive relationships that add to you, inspire you and make you want to accept all that life has to offer. Don’t go […]

2. Fix your mind: Your mind speaks of your information source; it ‘feeds’ your heart and translates or makes sense of your relationships and experiences. It is the seat of your emotional orientation and memory and stirs you into action or inertia. The mind is a powerful yet tricky tool, it has the ability to work unsupervised and if not guided will destroy you without warning. Your mind records every situation, every encounter and every emotion you feel during these encounters and relationships. If you can control your mind, you can heal your heart and change your life for the better. The mind has the ability to make its owner feel like they are in control, meanwhile the mind could be running like a loose cannon. If you are not observant or careful enough with your mind you may not notice  your mind has been spinning out  of control until […]

Love is more than a concept, a feeling or an emotion. Love is a choice, a belief, a decision, a force which can be strengthened or killed based on our principles, beliefs and actions. Love needs to be grown, made and prepared like a good dish and it requires various ingredients. ‘Making’ love – as I’d like to call it) isn’t for romantic lovers alone; love is needed for every relationship and every situation which is to turn out positive or worthwhile… here are some basic points to loving your spouse, kids, neighbours, etc the right way. Enjoy! 1. Fix your heart: Your heart speaks of your principles, beliefs and emotions. There are so many things that have sharpened- or weakened our convictions on love. And when we feel hurt- or happy, it takes wisdom, discipline and grace from above to not let how we feel decide who we are. […]

Many people’s perverted knowledge of love has stood in the way of them finding it.  They have been burned so many times by friends, family, and their so – called lovers they call themselves ‘unlucky in love’. Yes there are times when we lose things that are precious to us all in the name of love and we still can’t show anything that we have gained from the ‘sacrifice’ but hey, like all good and profitable worthwhile ventures we procure loss from time to time but it doesn’t mean we cut corners, cheat or give up trying. At the end of the stormy and sometimes confusing sea, we will find a peaceful calm that makes all that pain worthwhile. Love isn’t love without sacrifice. Love isn’t love without putting your all into it and not holding back. The real kind of love doesn’t have percentage margins or conditions; it grows […]

“Love is a feeling you feel, when you feel a feeling that you feel you’ve never felt before…” Ha! I wish. So many people have had that twinkle- in-your-eye, butterfly-in-your-stomach, and head-in-the clouds feeling so many times but heart ache keeps bringing them down to the ground. I believe love can only be true when you decide to hold unto it with your feet planted firmly in reality. Love isn’t blind; she just decides to turn a blind eye to the flaws of those she loves because she sees who they can become with love’s help. If you say you love someone and their flaws are hidden from you, then your love hasn’t been tested yet. Love is a decision to stay the course on purpose (not when you’re being abused) despite what you see now because you have a realistic yet hopeful vision of the future. Real love is […]